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"At Freebooter, we combine practicality with old world charm
for a truly wonderful boating experience."

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Freebooter Boats - Canadian Boat Manufacturer
Builders and manufacturers of sailboats, fishing boats and row boats that are a perfect blend of new world materials in an old world package. Our boats are custom built to suit your individual needs. You start with the basic Freebooter row boat, then add on any of our options to make your boat into your dream sailboat, fishing boat or rowboat. Each one is handcrafted from beginning to end with care and concern for every detail to ensure the finest quality possible.

The hull construction of hand laid fiberglass has a smooth gelcoat exterior and an easy to maintain waxed gelcoat interior. The strength and durability is further increased with the use of Brazilian Ipe also known as Brazilian Walnut on the gunnels. This extremely dense hard wood is renowned for it's durability and beauty. Both the Brazilian Ipe gunnels and the mahogany seats are protected from the elements with Cetol Marine providing protection from both moisture and the harmful UV rays of the sun. In the end, you have a low maintenance fiberglass boat with the look of a classic wooden boat.

It's small size provides ease of handling. At 14 feet it is comfortable on the water or in your driveway and is sure to turn heads.

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Ph: (647) 999-4348

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Dear Valued Customer,

If you are looking for a manufacturer of custom built, small fiberglass and wood row-fishing-sail boats.....please consider Freebooter Boats. If it's a daysailer or sailing skiff you looking for.....check out our 14' classic sailboat. If it's a rowing skiff, dinghy, yacht tender or sport fishing boat your after.....check out our beautiful 14' rowboat. We love being boat builders and hope you enjoy owning a Freebooter as much as we enjoy building them.

Sincerely yours,

Christopher Kelly

Freebooter Boats

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